Wooden Window Repair

Welcome to my site Wooden Windows Repairs.

Giving your period windows a ‘birthday’ will save you money compared to replacement plastic windows. In my experience, I find that ‘replacement’ really means ‘replacement every 10-15 years’, as the plastic degrades and double-glazed units fail, costing you more money and costing the environment the problem of disposal.  In contrast, correctly repaired and maintained wooden windows can last a lifetime or more, and are beautiful visually and to touch. Plastic windows just do not have the same aesthetic appeal.  Scroll through my web site to see that I can tackle almost any repair. Feel free to phone me or contact me using the contact page.

A bit about me:

I started my career with wood back in 1977 in Southampton, as an apprentice boat builder for Camper and Nicholson’s in Northam, which is long gone but was on the site which is now Shamrock Quay. The Quay was named after the J-class yacht ‘Shamrock’. I remember working as an apprentice on that yacht alongside superb craftsmen.

My apprenticeship lasted five years. After a spell working in Winchester for a furniture restoration company, I went on to work in a therapeutic environment, using my carpentry skills to enable others to regain their sense of self-worth. In 1992 I decided to become self employed as a carpenter.

I am a sole trader, which means I do everything: the accounts, paperwork, scheduling, emails, estimating, ordering, and, if there is any time left, repairing wooden windows and doors.  I have found that the specialist skills I learnt as a boat builder (there was a large element of repair) are perfect for use in the restoration of period joinery, including windows, scarfing- in pieces, copy joinery, and straight forward replacement of rotten components. It’s something I enjoy doing.

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One thought on “Wooden Window Repair

  1. I have a rustic southwest home in the desert in New Mexico. One wooden framed window on the west side has major deterioration on the bottom left corner. I used a wood putty in the past. It does not appear to be termites. My ? Should I cut out and replace with a cut out piece (not processed wood but rough cut ) and seal around. Or is there some compound that would bond and accept phenofin (an oil base protectoret I have applied to the rest of the frame. Thanks if you Are able go give your professional advice. Jerry (aka The Desert Sandtoad)


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