Why Preserve historic windows?

windows of interest in southampton

There is pressure to replace wooden windows with PVC-u this has come about partly by plastic window industry which has heavily invested in marketing, with the often optimistic claim made to fit replacements  in one day to a whole property, and the promise of a seamless experience with out the need too bring in other trades, may seem an attractive one.

The term ‘worn out’ is often used by the salesman to describe the condition of original windows rather than an actual assessment being made and the whole idea of replacement is driven by a culture of fashion  and upgrades. This can result in inappropriate adaptations particularly in a conservation area as PVC-u cannot match the

Sections and proportions of historic joinery. Historic joinery would be represented in most  pre 1970s dwellings.

Windows are the eyes of a building and profoundly effect its appearance and in addition represent the artistic social and economic development of an area and also reflected in many cases the status of a dwelling and its occupants.

Due to the high quality of timber used in the original, old windows can have long lives, often I come across windows that are 100,150 or even 200 years old and are usually economically repairable. It would take many years if ever that you would get back savings on heating having PVC-u fitted, and energy offsets making PVC-u windows in the first place are enormous. Estate agents often refer to the fact that replacement of historic windows and doors to PVC-u threaten the value of your property particularly in conversation areas.

About southamptoncarpenter

Starting with a 5 year boat building apprenticeship and a further 2 years training as a wood machinist then a further 4 years working for a small independent company restoring furniture and manufacturing reproduction antique clocks, and then 10 years in a therapeutic teaching environment passing on my skills I have been a self employed sole trader for over 15yrs so with well over thirty years experience in carpentry, and fully functioning static and mobile workshops, I am able to offer all aspects of bespoke carpentry and joinery, as well as standard refurbishments in your home, including doors, stairs, windows, skirting, furniture repairs, flooring, wardrobes, and general repairs and renovations.