Maintaining windows

All windows require maintenance. This is to avoid costly repair or replacement. The ideal is to inspect once a year and to check for typical problems that may arise.

I have a number of customers who I visit once a year to undertake these checks and report on any potential issues that may be apparent and am happy to offer this service to you. Please use the contact page to enquire.

What to look out for.

  1. Evidence of the joint between the brickwork and the frame having cracks this will allow moisture to creep behind the frame and rot can start to develop.
  2. That the sashes and openers operate freely so that they don’t stick or rub on the frame
  3. If you have box sash windows check that the pully wheel runs freely a drop of oil once a year suffices and that the sash cords are not worn or broken rubbing some candle wax on them will prevent them from decaying.
  4. lubrication between the pully linings on box sash windows is a problem which could be caused by movement but is usually just wear and tear again some candle wax will keep them sweet.
  5. Ironmongery again may need some lubrication on the hinges and catches.
  6. Paint failure – the opening of joints causes cracked paint , cracked or loose putty ( I have mentioned before this is the No 1 cause of rot in windows) standing water particularly on the  cills
  7. A leaking gutter or one that drips for days after rain  which is immediately above a window
  8. Staining of paint on the interior caused by condensation.

It is important to identify the above areas and it only takes 10minutes for each window, you do not have to start getting up ladders a small mirror hung out from inside  will allow you to see outside and inspect the putty and joints on the lower half of the window which is where 90% of problems arise.

If you currently have a window cleaner STOP and inspect before you let them drench your windows in water and detergent regular drenching is not good and if any of the exterior faults listed are present then it will only make matters worse particularly in the winter where water can freeze in open joints and behind cracked putty resulting in advancing the problem to a stage where serious repairs are required.

Is it worth it you may well ask well the answer of course is yes a 3 bedroom house once a year should take around an hour and half to inspect and lubricate the moving parts listed.

windows 2
Sliding sash windows and glazing bar profiles showing the early ovolo profile
windows 1
Sliding sash windows: typical top sash and T
Typical timber-to-timber repairs to sash and casement components
windows 3
Example of draught proofing for sash windows and Draughtproofing for casements or doors
windows 4
Leaded Light window frame


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