Window Cill replacement

This started as a small area of rot in one of the corners. But once I started It became apparent that the whole cill had perished. The exterior walls had been rendered and the interior walls plastered after the window had been fitted. It would have meant either a re- rendered exterior wall or a […]

Scarfing in

An area of wet rot to a 1930s window appears to be the result of either water ingress past the putty or insufficient primer used when painting a previous repair. As you can see I  made  a cut out of the effected area leaving in the piece that has the interior moulding it may have […]

Thermal upgrading windows

Energy efficiency for reasons of economy, comfort and, reducing carbon emissions are a major priority. Economy because we all want to save money and there is only one direction that fuel bills go. Comfort – who would want to live in a cold home with draughts which adds not only to the economy argument but […]

Balanced or Lifting Shutters

The cords had broken on these shutters, and I could not locate the pockets to access the weights in order to re-cord them. I had to refer to a publication by George Ellis titled ‘Modern Practical Joinery’, printed in 1902, for the answer. As you can see, the pockets had been cleverly hidden behind the […]

New for old: Replacing Window Frames

The wooden frames to this turn of the 20<sup>th</sup> century property were in a remarkable condition, the owner had records going back to 1930 showing a schedule of maintenance, the house had been in the family since it was built! however the openers to three frames had rotted and required replacement, they were very keen […]

Porch in Southampton

This particular porch is in good condition apart from the corner post and cill. The rotten timber was cut out and a hard wood replacement offered up and glued in place, Merranti was used for the post and the cill, the original being an inferior pine, that however was not the cause of this rot, […]

Draught proofing

Proofing Sash Windows Sash windows can be draughty, particularly older examples. In fact the total amount of escape of heat around a box sash window is equivalent to having a hole about 4” square to the outside world. Fitting double glazing alone, if its possible (and usually its not), will not materially make any difference […]


An annual visual check and action on potential weak spots, coupled with a 5-7 year cycle of re-painting, will be sufficient to protect your timber windows for many years. The oldest windows I worked on were installed in the 1700s. They were ‘tired’ but because they had been included in a maintenance programme over the […]

Rot in window frames:

There are very few instances where a window frame has become damaged by rot any significant distance above the cill.  Such rare instances have four main causes: when water gets into the drip bar or the transom; when a closed opener sits tight on the transom leading to capillary action; when the opener loses the throating, […]

Replacement of rotten cills to a former Victorian school in Southampton

Replacement of rotten cills to a former Victorian school, the grooves in the brickwork were made by pupils in the 1800s that used the bricks as a sharpening stone for their pencils, a marine primer was used to protect the new cills until a painter can finish in the desired gloss.