Rebuilding an Oak Porch and leaded windows.

There were two design issues with this porch  resulting in considerable rot . The roof did not overhang sufficiently to allow water to run off  into a gutter instead the water simply poured off the roof and onto the cills. The leaded windows were not rebated into the frames they were simply placed onto and not into the framesContinue reading “Rebuilding an Oak Porch and leaded windows.”

Significantly reduce heat loss and save money

A single clear window film that reduces thermal loss to such an extent that your single glazed windows will now perform BETTER than a double glazed unit.A Double glazed unit has a ‘U’ value of between 3 and 1.8 this depends on the type of gas used to fill the cavity between the glass. AContinue reading “Significantly reduce heat loss and save money”

Wooden flannels and slips

A Collins window that could be salvaged with timber slips and a flannel. Once all the rot had been identified and machined out leaving exposed sound wood I could go about fitting the replacement parts. This can become a lengthy project depending on the rot present and it is not always economically viable to doContinue reading “Wooden flannels and slips”

Removal of Collins windows

After the removal of the old windows and prior to the installation of the new replacements the cills in part needed to be replaced. It is usually the external component of the cill that needs to be replaced as this is the bit that is exposed to the elements. There are occasions where the rotContinue reading “Removal of Collins windows”

Herbert Collins Architect

Herbert Collins 1885-1975 was a British architect.He designed many suburban developments in Southampton primarily but not exclusively around the Highfield and Basset Green area of Southampton.Distinctive in their design and built during the 1920s and 1930s. Today their uniqueness is closely guarded with no deviation from the original design allowed and quite rightly so.There areContinue reading “Herbert Collins Architect”

A solution to Double Glazing in wooden windows

Some exciting developments have been made in Double Glazing technology. And finally a solution to retrofitting traditional single glazed wooden windows with a double glazed unit has been developed. It is now possible to have a 6.7mm or a 7.7mm clear double glazed unit. The statistics are impressive.It’s actually better at insulating homes than doubleContinue reading “A solution to Double Glazing in wooden windows”

16th Century windows

16th Century windowsIts nice to come accross such delights. The customer asked for a survey of these windows and I was suprissed at their condition some areas require a bit of attention particulary on the Oriel window which has a established mini forest of foilage hanging down. This will have to be removed.Repairs were undertakenContinue reading “16th Century windows”

An opener damaged by wet rot

An opener extensively damaged by wet rot. The bottom one third of the window was completely rotten due to wet rot.  The window although under a thatch overhang so set back by around 2ft (600mm) from the rain had suffered. I couldn’t work out why this was the case. When I visited the customer toContinue reading “An opener damaged by wet rot”

Major rebuild of a bay window

This bay required extensive refurbishment. Cutting out of most of the bottom 20% , new windows, removal and repair of all the leaded glass before re-fitting. and the introduction of secondary glazing into the leaded windows – the lead came had perished. New cills. Was it worth it? well an 8 light timber bay madeContinue reading “Major rebuild of a bay window”

The finest Gothic revivalist window

This is probably the finest example of a Gothic revivalist window that I have ever seen. I came across this sash window whilst on a weekend break in Ely, Cambridgeshire. My reason for visiting this city-the second smallest in Britain, was to see the Cathedral and the Stained glass museum within. This beauty is inContinue reading “The finest Gothic revivalist window”

Leaded Windows repairs

This was a challenging project. The leaded windows had extensive rot to the bottom rail and both the left and right hand stiles. New windows were made. Because of the long term exposure to high moisture laden timber frames the lead cames around the edge of the glass had deteriorated and fell apart when theyContinue reading “Leaded Windows repairs”

Leaded and stained glass window repairs

Leaded/ stained glass window repairs. The method of making leaded or stained glass has changed little since its inception in the early part of the 11th century. although technique and materials have advanced its nice to know that the basics remain the same today as they were applied back in the 1100s. A common problemContinue reading “Leaded and stained glass window repairs”